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To all our friends who have followed us daily, we have an announcement! We promised to finish the last week of Feb with some hands on demonstrations – this will be delayed until the week of March 4. We had some live class obligations in our facility to attend to. But the good news is: we will be announcing our new teachers for Lymphatic Massage for both our live and online classes. Cannot reveal anything now, but it is all coming together nicely.
In the meantime, it never hurts to review the anatomy and get some historical perspective to further our knowledge. As you know, for Lymphatic Massage, anatomy and physiology is key. In fact, if you come into any Lymphatic class with a firm grasp of this you will be way ahead of the game.
So until March 4, and as my time permits, I will be adding entries along the way,

Here is an article for the general public in GQ magazine about Lymphatic Massage – as you can see, it is being presented as a general wellness treatment (for those with a healthy lymphatic system), and not necessarily only for those with compromised systems.

Check it out here. GQ3Lymphatic

Next is a review from an Osteopathic Medicine point of view. Much of it will be a review of what we have learned so far, with a few new insights. LymphaticOsteoView

Next is a historical perspective of the discovery and evolution of our understanding of the Lymphatic System. This is more for those with an interest, and not necessarily of too much practical information in the actual practice of what we will be doing. Journal of Anatomy – History

Next is a scientific review of the effectiveness of Lymphatic Massage in a medical journal. Of interest historically, you will see the names of some well known practitioners. Andrew Taylor Still, DO, credited with being one of the first to develop and practice Lymphatic Massage. Some of you may have heard of the Vodder Method. Form the article
“Emil Vodder, PhD, was an additional clinical scientist (to Andrew Still) who contributed to the development and advancement of MLDTs1,7. Vodder focused his clinical research on gaining further insight into the treatment of various pathologies by manipulating the lymphatic system1,7. In his work with individuals afflicted by various health ailments, Vodder reported successful treatment results using his manual lymph drainage technique throughout the 1930s”  Full Article LymphaticPracticePractitionersHistory

Here is a short 9min video presentation of the Lymphatic System. If you have completed everything up to this point, see if you can follow along and if it resonates with what you know. The video editing is chaotic and presented in an ADHD way (IMO), but still good for 9min!

I really like this video for flow – again, if you followed everything up to this point, this should just be review and reinforcement of what you know, but you can see it in a more tactile way – excellent!