Our Team


Desmond is a licensed massage therapist and certified Shiatsu practitioner. He began his practice in 1986, and opened the massage supply retail store Creature Comforts Supply Company, which eventually became Got Your Back, in 1993. He began developing classes for LMTs before licensing came to Pennsylvania, and he is passionate about developing quality practitioners. He also has a keen interest in education for consumers and other wellness practitioners. An avid cyclist, he understands the mind of the athlete and the importance of bodywork for maintaining health and recovery.


In 2015 Amanda took a part-time position helping to lead the community clinic at GYB where she was able to satisfy her interest in the healing arts while maintaining her corporate position. A few years later she made the transition to full time at GYB, bringing her project and management skills to focus on GYB-U education and bring it to the next level. She loves to help our students with any questions or concerns they have, and is always striving to improve our space and operations.


Norris is our Chief Security Officer and Top Dog. Likes: lazing about, barking, cappuccino froth, high-quality natural oils, stealing food, sniffing crotches, chasing Desmond. Dislikes: thunder, fireworks, opening doors, tunnels, preservatives in massage lotions, delayed meals, and improperly positioned massage clients. He looks forward to meeting you!