Closing out the Month – Meet the New Teachers!

Well, I certainly learned a lot. I started with very minimal knowledge and understanding of the Lymphatic System and now I feel very comfortable with the anatomy and physiology. I know a little on how to work on myself. Most emphatically, I understand how important the proper functioning of the Lymphatic System is to our health. An understanding of the workings of the Lymphatic System and how to manually assist the flow is a huge positive and advantage to have in your practice. I am thrilled to announce we are now offering Professional Level instruction in Lymphatic Massage practice and theory from the introductory level all the way to advanced instruction to work with compromised Lymphatic Systems. Our introductory class will start you off with the basics and dial in the technique so you can start applying this in your practice and helping clients. The introductory 2 day class will train you to work on healthy lymphatic systems first. So those interested in going on and maybe specializing in Lymphatic Massage, the advanced training will address all you need to know about working on compromised Lymphatic Systems and communicating with medical doctors and staff. I am very excited to introduce our instructors and hope to see you soon in one of our live classes. (If this is your first engagement with “Lymphatic Month”, you can scroll down to earlier entries if interested in learning more. If you are scheduled for a live class soon, you can use the material to get ahead on the theory part of the class)