What is Magnesium Oil Spray?

Magnesium Oil Spray

Distilled water
Magnesium Chloride

Container with sprayer.

As mentioned in the accompanying video, there is no oil in magnesium oil! It is a salt that has an oily texture.

Many people ask about the spray we use. Use this as a guideline to helping you choose what type to use (or even make your own!)
We use a spray used in the Conshohocken Community Acupuncture Clinic.
We prefer glass containers, maintaining the purity and integrity of the solution. Even if you purchase in plastic you can convert to glass if you feel this is important. We like to use fresh and turn over batches in 1-2 months. In the clinic, we use a slightly higher volume sprayer than traditionally used for home use. Our magnesium is sourced from the Dead Sea, and there are many other reputable sources.

Other than the container choice and source of the magnesium, there is not is nothing special or unique about magnesium oil sprays. I would not recommend using sprays with any added ingredients. There is no reason to overpay for it either. You may come across some hype around this – disregard it. What I do want you to carefully focus on is the last step in the magnesium oil protocol section – the skin moisturizer. This is why it pays to pay attention to quality of the magnesium.