The Magnesium Protocol

Everything is in place now.
We know the atomic number of magnesium, (hey, someone may ask)
we can tell the funny story of Epsom, England,
we have explained and received consent from the receiver,
our equipment is ready.

Let’s do it. As in the video, the steps are as follows
1) Chose the area to treat
2) Prepare area with hot towel
3) Apply the Magnesium – in the video, you see that I spray it on. It is also fine to spray or pour onto your hands and then massage in. Keep in mind, you are absorbing magnesium too!
4) Let absorb 20-30 min while you treat the rest of the body
5) Clean off excess with hot towel
6) Apply finishing skin conditioner (you are also absorbing the conditioner like the magnesium, which is why I emphasized reading your ingredients in the last section!)

When we perform the magnesium protocol, we are increasing the general levels of magnesium in the body for general wellness. However, we also have the opportunity to treat specific muscular/skeletal issues but applying to affected areas. This help help you chose an area to treat. Also, relating to sports, you may choose to treat an area of muscular exertion to help soothe and speed recovery.

All of this information can also be seen here: GYBU Magnesium Oil