Welcoming You to the Age of Fascia – 2.5 Online CEU


Welcoming You to the Age of Fascia

Instructor: Pamela West and Bradley Martin
Cost: $49
CE Hours: 2 CE Hours



Instructor: Pamela West
CE Hours: 2.5

NCBTMB Course CE401034

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will understand what fascia is and some of the common misconceptions about fascia.
  2. Students will understand why fascia is important to the massage therapist.
  3. Students will understand the history of fascia as it relates to the relevance of the medical community.
  4. Students will understand the composition of fascia.
  5. Students will understand the interconnectedness of human anatomy.

Course Details:
This is a video based class with Pamela West talking over a PowerPoint presentation. In this class, you will gain a detailed understanding of the history of fascia. She will also help correct some common misconceptions we have about fascia likely due to its complicated history. You will learn about the composition of fascia and how it is different all throughout the body. You will also learn how best to work with fascia and how best to think about fascia as you work with it. Scattered throughout the class are work possibilities that you can immediately implement into your practice. Finally, as part of the conclusion, Pamela shares her discussions about fascia with Bradley Martin MS, ATC/L, CSCS, CPT-CES (another approved continuing education provider under the umbrella of GotYourBackU).