Show me the Money! Adding Bitcoin as a payment method


Join us for this class and payments and bitcoin. Read more about the class here 

The class is NOT for CEU credits, and it is NOT financial advice.



Join us for this class about payments and bitcoin. Read more about the class here

The class is NOT for CEU credits, and it is NOT financial advice.

You accept visa, mastercard, cash, venmo, etc, what about Bitcoin?


Nobody is asking for it you say? “Bitcoin is scary, I do not understand it”. Not so fast say David Missimer and Desmond Slattery, your guides on this new journey. Their main thesis is: while it is early in the adoption cycle of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, now is exactly the time to get acquainted with this new technology. Their main reason is a practical one! Saving money on transaction fees! Let’s take a look at a transaction.

David goes on to stress the importance of managing expenses in your business and introducing to concept that many are unaware of: Bitcoin is many things, but one he wants to emphasize is: Bitcoin is a new technology and network – and it is superior to legacy systems like the credit card and banking network. It moves value over space and time more efficiently and as such, will offer cost savings. Additionally, and this gets into deeper detail that we will touch on in the class, bitcoin is like cash, a bearer asset, and does not require banks to keep track of, send and receive, and send value around the world!

While we are early in the adoption phase and understanding of the bitcoin tech and most people you talk to may not be well versed in it, I can assure you that players in the financial, banking, and credit card/payment industries understand the importance of it and the ground breaking impact it will have. If history is any guide, I doubt these players have your best interests at heart. If you research closely you will find that they are all looking and even implementing this technology, yet I am pretty sure their goal will be, as usual, to get in the middle of any transaction and charge their fees, not necessarily passing any savings to you!

One of our goals in this class is to interfere with that process!…. by offering some education and guidance now in the  early phase of this technology adoption, so you can make informed and beneficial decisions and be empowered in your financial and payment methods decisions. Further reading is posted in the “materials tab” of this class and we leave you with this video of value flying around the world at the speed of light – all for a cup of cafe!

We hope you enjoyed the show! Now, if you wish to explore further it’s time for you to “show me the money”. And you will receive some bitcoin back! $59 gets you access into the class and $20 is refunded to you in bitcoin to start your payments journey.
You will learn:
Set up, back up, recover a bitcoin wallet.
Learn to transact, send and receive bitcoin
Go deeper into behind the scenes of a credit card transaction and a bitcoin transaction
Learn how to use the bitcoin network to send value (remittances) using only dollars (no bitcoin) but on the bitcoin/lightning network.
Be totally prepared if a client requests to pay in bitcoin!

**this class is for information only, NOT financial advice


Course Content

Create you wallet – Receive your Bitcoin
Backing up your Wallet
Recovering a Wallet
Behind the Scenes of a Credit Card Transaction
Converting your Bitcoin to USD or any Currency you Want
Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole