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For as long as people were practicing massage, massage tools have been used to assist the effectiveness of the practice and save effort on the part of the practitioner, especially the hands. This class will explore some of the more popular and effective electric and manual tools currently being used in the field. The student will gain an understanding of the history, design, proper use, and benefits of each tool. Emphasis will be placed on proper ergonomics when using the tools, developing sensitivity through the tools, and understanding how to chose the best tool for the service provided while safely and effectively addressing the needs of their clients.

Students will be able to safely and effectively use massage tools to enhance their practice.
Students will learn and display correct ergonomics while utilizing the massage tools.
Students will develop sensitivity and palpation skills through proper utilization of the tools.

This class is the perfect opportunity to test out and play with some tools you might be curious about!

With Desmond Slattery, LMT, Bradley Martin, ATC/L, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CES, and David Missimer, LMT