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This class offers a point of view to assess the troubled joint and a way of using your skills with myofascial understanding to work with the joint as part of a whole system.

Myofascial work can reduce stressors on joints to create more space and glide in the joint capsule, clear fascial planes of adhesions and restore lines of movement. These strategies all have the potential to ease pain and enhance function. Myofascial work helps your client with tissue and sensory reintegration in both pre- and post- surgical situations. Class emphasizes hands-on work and observational skills involved in supporting joint health.

Participants will be guided in learning to:

  • Evaluate myofascial tissue conditions around, above and below joints.
  • Evaluate a person’s standing alignment for even distribution of force and over-loading in other areas.
  • See compensatory reactions throughout the postural frame.
  • Understand some aspects of cartilage physiology.
  • Perform a compression/release manipulation to nurture joint cartilage.
  • Perform strategies to release myofascial strain on the joint.
  • Modify myofascial hand-use with strategies for optimizing joint health, preparing for a surgical situation and working post-surgically.
  • To understand the role the autonomic nervous system can play in joint health.
  • To understand the different tools of proprioceptive vs interoceptive body therapy to assist in the support of joint health