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Course Description:

What’s all this about flexion?! Students will examine how postural flexion patterns are dominating our lives and what we, as body therapists, can do about it. Many of our activities: driving, reading, computer and cell phone use, cooking, doing massage and bodywork, even conversations over a cup of coffee, all tend to put us into the flexed forward position. We inhabit this posture more hours than we might care to think about. This one day workshop examines flexion, how it effects our posture and can be a root cause of symptoms. Students will learn to identify key aspects of flexion patterns and to apply myofascial techniques to facilitate change in the underlying tissues.

  • The Basics of Flexion
  • Qualitative aspects: variations in use of flexion
  • What are some of the anatomical actions involved in flexion in the Muscular-Connective Tissue-Skeletal System
  • Are your client’s symptoms related to excessive flexion?
  • Review of fascial anatomy
  • Using myofascial skills and principles to unravel the pattern
  • Evaluating where the pattern originates and where to start your work.
  • Re-establishing full postural and movement range.

Class will include structural theory, postural analysis, hands-on work and body/movement awareness activities.

What to bring to class
Please wear comfortable loose clothing that you can move in easily. Bring something you would be comfortable being observed in during a postural analysis (a bathing suit or light-colored lycra workout clothing).

Other supplies: 2 sheets, 2 pillows, 2 towels, Massage cream