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Workshop Description:
Medical Massage is outcome-based massage with the specific intention of facilitating healing and/ or symptom relief in clients with one or more diagnosed medical conditions. Medical Massage practitioners have an advanced understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology and can adapt a variety of techniques to skillfully and cautiously alleviate symptoms related to their client’s individual condition(s).

What you will learn:

  • Medical Massage defined and discussed
  • Medical Massage opportunities
  • A review of common massage techniques and their specific effects on the body’s individual systems
  • Foundations of Medical Massage
  • Body mechanics when working in a hospital and/or home-care setting
  • Body systems and common pathologies: 2-3 of the most common pathologies will be discussed as examples of how to apply the decision tree approach to planning and executing a medical massage treatment session
  • Anatomy and physiology of each body system will be reviewed and the effects of common massage techniques on the individual systems will be discussed in detail.