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In any hands-on work, one is always addressing fascia. Understanding fascia, its global and significant role in our body can can help massage and body therapists in their work to aid clients.

This class will cover some fundamentals of fascial anatomy and functions, so you know the nature of what we are dealing with. Class will cover how to place hands-on to specifically address myofascial tissues. Class will explore the benefits to working myofascially and its special way of viewing the body. Students will learn how to evaluate a body myofascially and where to begin work in regards to a client’s symptoms or postural concerns.

No matter what your primary discipline is, a myofascial understanding can give you that much more. How can we make the most out of thinking myofascially?

In this class you will learn:

  • Anatomy of fascia and the myofascial tissues.
  • Function of fascia and the myofascial tissues.
  • The global, whole body nature of fascia and implications for understanding pain patterns.
  • Effects of hands-on work – what do your current techniques already do?
  • Hands-on technique specific to myofascial work – described and demonstrated. Students will have time to work.
  • Observing the body as a whole and dynamic myofascial structure – what to look for in body alignment and tissue qualities.
  • Identifying myofascial strains.
  • How does this shape our understanding of our client’s body concern?
  • Hands-on work time.