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Gua Sha (The Lash Method) is part of a modality called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or IASTM. This technique originated in Eastern Asia. Applying Gua Sha to problem areas can improve range of motion, strength, flexibility, circulation and decrease pain and stiffness. The technique described in this workshop is based on the work and experience of Dr. Heather Lash.
This workshop will cover the theory, tools, uses, research, contraindication, indications, self-treatment, historical and social background and case studies.

Gua Sha, The Lash Method Objectives

Students will learn

  • about Gua Sha and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • about the importance of tools in applying Gua Sha
  • the theories about why and how Gua Sha works
  • what a normal reaction to treatment looks like
  • learn the Steps of preparing for a Gua Sha treatment
  • about the Historical and Social Background of Gua Sha

Students will review

  • research in the field
  • review and learn benefits, contraindications and indications for Gua Sha
  • application for edema, adhesions and scar tissue
  • several case studies
  • Students will watch 4 videos with Dr. Lash (formerly Dr. Carter)
  • Students will finish 3 exercises:
    1. Write a case study for 2 imaginary or real clients to understand indications and contraindications
    2. Practice on themselves
    3. Creating a case study and treating yourself

You will be practicing on yourself with a traditional soup spoon which was one of the original tools used for gua sha and is still used today. We will ship your tool out after purchase of the webinar.

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