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Some people come into your practice that are in such a sensitive condition they can barely be touched. The pressure of a “butterfly landing” is more than enough. Usually they are trying to better a condition they find themselves in and turn to manual therapy. Hands-on support over time can actually help them get stronger. This class will lay out strategies, hands-on and communication skills to work with delicate people at a level they can tolerate and help them begin to find some comfort in their bodies.

• Students will learn to identify types of sensitivities, such as constitutional frailties, illnesses or conditions, injury or surgery, hyper-sensitivity to pain, emotional sensitivities or age.

• Students will learn to identify the range of each person’s tolerance as to pressure, depth, duration, style of hand use, specificity or generality of work.

• Students will learn to work at a range of depths in the superficial layers, gentle traction in fascia, calming hands-on for simple contact and establishing tactile rapport.

• Students will learn to judge what the therapist can set their sights on in working with each person.

• Students will learn how to engage the parasympathetic response for deep rest.

• Students will learn to handle deeper tissue restrictions that may be part of the problem.

• Emphasis is placed on communications with the client and the longer arc of work: what happens over time and how to adjust the work as you go.

Instructor: Pamela West, LMT, M.Ed.
Date: November 5, 2023
Time: 9am-6pm
Cost: $230 $210 – Price goes up closer to class!
CE Hours: 8