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Course Description:

This one-hour, virtual webinar is designed for students with experience in cupping. It will focus on releasing tension and tightness found in the lower back region and along the spine. After the class, there will be time for questions. All questions will be answered, no matter the time!

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will identify vertebral anatomy and potential disc issues.
  • Students will assess the Sacroiliac joints and Atlanto-Occipital joint.
  • Students will assess the spinal muscles for tightness.
  • Students will identify the typical best locations to cup for release.
  • Students will identify the best cups to use.
  • Students will identify meningeal tightness.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to assess spines, Sacroiliac joints and Atlanto-Occipital joints more proficiently.
  • Students will increase their ability to use cupping to release tension and limited range of motion in the spine and associated joints and muscles.
  • Students will learn to talk to patients about possible detox reactions.
  • Students will be able to talk to potential clients more confidently.