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This 2 hour and 2 CE credit webinar covers a newly coined term called “General Compression Syndrome”. This syndrome comprises some of the most common symptoms that patients present with: Occipital headaches, other headaches, L3/4/5 area lower back pain, pain and tightness between the shoulder blades, anxiety, insomnia, and tightness along the spine and specifically in the lower thoracic spine. General Compression Syndrome (GCS) came to light during the COVID-19 pandemic when many patients were sitting at home too much under emotional stress but also helped group together many of the common symptoms as caused by a similar overall issue.

In this course, GCS will be covered from many angles including:

  • Patient complaints
  • Anatomical causes from a meningeal standpoint
  • Anatomical causes from a musculoskeletal standpoint
  • Energetic causes from an acupuncture perspective and how these reflect in the various levels of the spine.
  • Other patient driven causes like too much sitting or dehydration due to vice use.


In this course, practitioners will expect to be able to implement

  • 2 different versions of a treatment aimed to precisely and accurately treat GCS.
  • A greater ability to communicate with patients on potential causes of their pain and tightness.
  • An increased ability to assess these issues quickly to increase patient outcomes and provide better care. 
  • Put the patient through quick range-of-motion tests to determine and feel where some of their specific tight spots are.

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