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Advanced Myofascial Techniques: Exploring the Weight-Bearing Elements in the Muscular, Connective Tissue & Skeletal Systems

Many physical troubles people have can be based in tensions inherent in their standing and movement patterns. Students will take this course to explore the dynamics of weight bearing in our upright bipedal posture. Our postural birthright has afforded us a tremendous advantage. Can we fine tune how well it works for us?

The class will look at some key elements of how posture takes, absorbs and organizes our weight. You will learn how the bony platforms and soft tissue interrelate to enable stability and mobility. Class will engage in a process to evaluate anatomical and dynamic elements in our clients’ posture. You will evaluate where to address your hands-on work to unravel their patterns.

Class will include structural theory, postural observations and body awareness exercises. Students will have class time to work together to bring more ease and function into posture. Myofascial tissue is very forgiving and work in the myofascial tissue is a great way to address your clients’ body issues.

Please note: This is not a class about working with osteoporosis, but about postural dynamics and tension patterns. However, what is presented here could be of import for bone density over the long term.

  • Learn components of a healthy postural alignment.
  • Learn postural cues to sense your posture from the inside out – these can be taught to clients.
  • Learn key weight bearing platforms throughout the skeleton and how they relate to postural alignment.
  • Learn relationships in the muscular-connective tissue-skeletal system that provide proper support.
  • Learn to do an analysis that evaluates your client’s body pattern.
  • Learn to work into the myofascial tissue to unravel the postural pattern

What to bring:
1 set of sheets
Bring/wear a tank top and shorts or swimsuit
We suggest dressing in layers so you can acclimate yourself to the work and the environment