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Advanced Clinician Program

Touch Medicine in association with GotYourBack U presents the Touch Medicine Advanced Clinician Certification – the premier Medical Massage Advanced Training for Massage and Wellness professionals seeking to advance their training and proficiency with world class credentials, will give you confidence to perform medical massage and open your options in a variety of medical settings. Beth’s direct teaching style and mentoring ensures that each student receives the personal attention and focus required to be successful. Please watch the embedded video to meet your instructor!


Class sizes are limited to provide maximum learning potential.
Medical Massage Levels 2 and 3 are limited further for these advanced trainings.

Medical Massage 1
16 class hours (CEU)


Medical Massage 2
16 class hours (CEU)


Medical Massage 3
8 class hours (CEU)


Current Training Dates

View the calendar for current classes. Contact us if you are interested and do not currently see a date listed for a class of your choice. Successful completion of the minimum classroom hours, 50 Question exam, submitted case study and personal review with Beth Villante leads to the awarding of the Touch Medicine Advanced Clinician Certification. Digital and paper copies will be awarded.

About Beth Villante, RN, BSN, LMT:

Beth Pesa Villante is an Integrative Registered Nurse (BSN), Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999 and the leading authority on medical massage in the Philadelphia area.

Beth has studied and taught medical massage, self-care, and mind-body medicine for nearly 20 years. She has developed and taught various integrative wellness programs for Main Line Health, Jefferson Health Systems and Touch Medicine. Beth has extensively studied principles of positive psychology, brain health and mind-body practices and integrates this knowledge skillfully into all of her services.

Beth was a certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse with experience helping clients with complicated medical conditions regain a sense of wholeness and relief of distressing physical symptoms. She is also a Medical Massage Advanced Clinician, having developed curriculum for Oncology massage, Hospice massage, Perinatal massage and a Medical Massage Certification Program.

Beth’s passion is helping people reach a state of optimal wellness through a variety of techniques and experiences which empower clients to identify their goals and work through barriers which hinder progress. Her focus is to create pleasurable experiences that retrain the nervous system and transform the “work” of healing into routines that are enjoyable and easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Additional Related Offerings from Beth Villante

Hospice and Oncology massage is generally recommended as supplements for those interested and wanting to further their studies.

Post Graduate mentoring is available for students who are interested in receiving further guidance and education depending on their interests and career needs. Contact us directly for pricing and details.

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Payment Structure/Certification Procedure

Students may take individual classes without committing to the advanced degree and if interested, pursue the degree later, or commit to the degree up front and receive a discount on pricing, or commit to the degree and go on a payment plan. [exact pricing TBD]

Starting an advanced training certification program is a big decision. If you have any questions or would like to set up a call with the administrators and/or instructor, email us at