Warm Bamboo Massage w Bradford Nicarry Jan 21 and Jan 22 2019 9-5pm 16 CE

Instructor: Bradford Nicarry

Date: Jan 21 and Jan 22 2019 9-5pm
Location GotYourBack-U 521 E Hector St Conshohocken PA 19428
CE 16
Cost $295

Bradford Nicarry bring his dynamic and exciting focus and experience to bamboo massage.  In this workshop we will cover the basics for table bamboo massage (warmed). 
Topics Covered:
Proper use and technique using the various styles of bamboo tools
Care of the tools including
Cleaning, warming and maintaining the tools.
We will be using genuine Mu Xing tools in the class.                              
Kits, heaters and individual tools will be available to purchase at a class discount - but there is no need or obligation to purchase or bring tools for the class. We will have a supply on hand to use.

At the completion of class, you will be capable of performing a full body warm bamboo massage treatment with Mu Xing tools.
You will receive a certificate and be eligible to have you name and information added to the practitioner directory on the Mu-Xing Website.\