Sports Massage Stretching Techniques - November 11, 2018

Instructor: Kevin Miller, CSCS, LMT

Date: November 11, 2018
Time: 9am - 5pm
Location: gotyourback
CE Hours: 8

In this 8-hour introduction to Sports Massage Stretching Techniques participants can expect the following topics to be covered. Please note that this course will be a very hands on class where participants will be actively involved in the hands on portion of training.


Topics to be covered include the following:

* Assessment 

* Flexibility vs Mobility. 

* The role that your breathing patterns play in stretching.

* Pre Workout Stretching routines with your client

* Post Workout stretching routines with your client

* Band Assisted stretching protocol

* Mistakes to avoid when stretching a client.

* Principles and guidelines to follow when stretching a client.

 * Massage with stretching